I have had the pleasure of not only working for Michael Mathieu as a caregiver, but also experiencing the impact of his work. Michael’s extensive anatomical and physiological knowledge is one of the things I noticed about him upon meeting. Not only is he knowledgeable but his work is effective as well. After one bodywork session with Michael, I felt the best I had following my head injury. I was primarily hesitant about his long-distance work, but all my doubts and fears dissolved after I sat up from the first session and felt a significant improvement in my neck. After my injury, my energy was low and I experienced severe headaches, sleeping problems, appetite problems and overall felt very cognitively slow. After just two sessions, I felt myself again, and have yet to experience any problems since. I was able to return to school after two days instead of two weeks, surprising my doctors, family and professors. I have benefited from Michael’s treatment and recommendations more than I have from some of my doctors, and highly recommend his care to anyone who genuinely seeks to feel better both mentally and physically.

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