Body Work Mentoring

Are you interested in taking your bodywork to the next level?

One on one mentoring can be just the thing when you want to elevate your work and take it deeper and advance your skills.

Do you have a client who you have done great work with and yet there still is something missing?
One on one mentoring during a session with the client might be just the fresh perspective you and your client need to find the missing piece or blockage to take that client deeper into their healing experience.

Michael’s skills have expanded so not only can he successfully treat people long distance but he can also successfully coach practitioners long distance to improve their skills and tackle difficult client scenarios.

As a practitioner, sometimes a class with one teacher and several assistants and 50 students may be the perfect learning environment that you need. However, sometimes it is not enough individual attention and you can’t get all of your questions answered so that you can fully embody and integrate the lessons tied in the class. Sometimes, a one on one mentoring situation is exactly what you need to raise the level of your work and help you find any blocks in your own learning or to really deep in your work.

That’s where one-on-one long-distance mentoring can come in.

With my long distance skills I can zoom into your session with a client and successfully guide you through a session to both deepen and broaden your bodywork skills or to help you with a client whose presentation may be challenging.

Here is a list of just some of the things I can help you with:

  • Deepen your knowledge of visceral, cranial, vascular, and neural manipulation
  • Learn how to deep in your diagnostic skills
  • Learn how to do long-distance work
  • Learn how to work in the body field
  • Learn how to work on bones
  • Learn how to use as many energetic hands as you need and hold the entire pattern
  • Learn how to use energetic through lines as a diagnostic and to check your work
  • And more

What my clients are saying