“Michael has provided me with a wealth of information and support. With his guidance, I have managed a low oxalate diet and experienced excellent results. Michael has been very easy to talk to and comforting through some of the difficult periods of such a health challenge, having such support is hugely empowering. Thank you”  


I reached out to Michael as I was in PT for low back, and neck issues but still having really hard days where I could not sleep because of the pain, or I would wake up so stiff I had to kneel down to pick up my kitty’s food bowl. The pain was constant and made me agro all the time. PT helped but progress was sooooo slow. I was skeptical as most folks would be. How does this work? What is

Julie Mol L.M.T.

If you are wondering how Michael can help heal someone from a distance then I’m a perfect case. I was having neck and back trouble. Now I live in Dorset in the UK and after 1 session with Michael, I had proper movement again and all via my laptop. AMAZING! I was sceptical at first but, he was truly professional and has a really calming nature. He’s also a lovely soul and worth getting to know. I would say without a shadow

Simon Jordan, Dorset, UK

I have known Michael as a friend and as a healer for a number of years. He is both a gifted healer and a generous person. After I gave birth to my daughter, Mirabelle, Michael offered to help her heal from some birth trauma that was affecting her neck and some of her movement and physical development. Michael is deeply knowledgeable about anatomy and how this trauma affected her. While some may be skeptical about the possibility of a person being able

Alexis, Adam and Mirabelle

I’ve been working with Michael as a caregiver since December 2019. During that time, Michael shared a lot of nutritional information and advice with me about my history of gastrointestinal issues and declining health. These include Celiac disease, anemia, splenomegaly, chronic migraines, uncomfortable eating accompanied by nausea and vomiting, constipation, vitamin deficiencies, and osteopenia in my lumbar spine and hips. I also received a recent diagnosis of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, in which the mast cells in my immune system overproduce histamines

Sarah G., Boulder, CO

I worked with Michael Mathieu after my car accident. I was so glad I did. Michael has so much experience and knowledge about whiplash and post accident trauma. He was very helpful in calming my anxieties. And, his knowledge of the body is thorough. We worked long distance over Skype. He was always very insightful about what was going on within my body. With empathy and intuition, he would work on me while I would sit quietly. Just like I were visiting

J. McKenzie, Eugene, Oregon