About me

Initial Training

My initial training was in electrical engineering and I worked as a research engineer for Eastman Kodak Company for five years. That work developed my critical thinking and problem-solving skills. That combined with my big heart, my own body issues and my passion for being of service led me to becoming a bodyworker/manual therapist.

A lifetime of digestive and health issues has been an amazing teacher to me regarding various aspects in diet and nutrition and other health-promoting modalities. I cringe thinking how many thousands of dollars and how many practitioners I have worked with over the years often with little success. I have a deep passion for diving into the understanding of how the human body works and what it needs to fuel itself and be healthy. I can assure you I share cutting-edge information with my clients steeped in deep personal experience and as you can read on the testimonial’s page, I’ve had a number of very happy clients and I’m sure you will be too.

Michael and his amazing partner Beth

Formal Training

I have formal training in Rolfing structural integration, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation and pre-and perinatal attachment therapy. My dive into contact improvisation dance further informed my body on how to listen and follow another body. My path as a practitioner is to listen and follow your body and expertly apply my finely honed skills to create more freedom and ease in your body so that you can perform at higher levels of functioning regardless of what your activities are.

Life Training

In August 2012 I crashed on my mountain bike and broke my neck and I now am getting around in a power wheelchair. I have only limited functioning of my arms, no sensation from the chest down and no functioning of my fingers, hands or wrists. Initially, I thought I was going to have to learn a new profession, which made me very sad, because my skills had reached such a high-level I was acquiring a reputation as a bodywork wizard.

Now that my body was less able to accomplish the work, I stepped into the realm of working with people energetically. Before my accident I used my body as the tool to instill change, after my accident I realized my body was offering a portion of the change and that the energy moving through my body was a highly significant piece of the work. We all have a unique soul which I believe accounts for our individual gifts. Over time, I discovered that I had the capacity to do my work over long distance. This is very exciting for me and the clients I work with.

Many years of digestive and health issues were terribly aggravated by the trauma of my spinal cord injury. Over a short time, I noticed my already beaten body was getting worse and pushed me even harder to get to the root of my health issues.

As I write this in January 2021, I believe I have found an answer that has me finally on the right path. A low carbohydrate high fat diet combined with a low oxalate diet.

I’ve learned so much on this health path that I’ve decided to offer my skills learned from my personal experience to help others in their quest for health by offering myself as a health coach.

I now connect with people over the Internet to share my many years of experience worldwide. Whether it be bodywork, bodywork mentoring or health coaching, I invite you to experience my always adapting, expanding and powerful work that profoundly nourishes mind, body, heart and soul!

What my clients are saying