Health Coaching

Customized Advanced Nutrition

Let me help you create a nutrition and lifestyle program to help you feel great and reach your goals!

With my health coaching, our goal is to optimize your nutrition and employ the lifestyle strategies of fasting, detoxification, deficiency correction and infection clearing to give your body the raw ingredients and the tools it needs to maximize it’s amazing performance and healing capabilities.

I listen to your history, current situation and goals and together we develop a diet, nutrition and lifestyle program customized for you. Then we use your bodies feedback to guide us in making appropriate refinements and adjustments.

Keeping it Simple

My job is to help you achieve your goals and keep things as simple as possible. My job is also to help you discover what is root cause or what is furthest upstream for your individual situation.


Increased energy, better performance and mental clarity can be gained with changes to your diet. I am a big fan of low carbohydrate high fat diets in general. Most of us in the United States have grown up in a world where fat has been vilified, especially from animal products. Nothing could be further from the truth. Animal fat and protein are incredibly nutrient dense foods and their nutrients are very bioavailable!

Plants are chemical factories. Since plants can’t run or hide like animals, plants have developed very complex chemical strategies to protect themselves. Oxalates, lectins, salicylates and phytates are a few of the plant toxins that can be potentially harmful. Some can be reduced with proper preparation and others cannot.

As an example, oxalates found in spinach, Swiss chard, beets, nuts and many other plant foods are toxic to the human body. It’s just a matter of how much your body can tolerate, and unfortunately, many people have a very low tolerance and can get quite sick without realizing what is creating their health issues. Boiling some vegetables in water can leach out some of the oxalates in certain vegetables, but often a fair amount still remains.

I can help you make healthy choices to nourish your body to support high energy levels, weight loss and healing capacity while reducing cravings and creating satisfaction.


Just listen to a YouTube video with Jason Fung, MD or read one of his books and you will be impressed. Dr. Fung runs a clinic in Toronto, Canada which specializes in treating weight loss, diabetes and PCOS. By employing the strategies of intermittent fasting and block fasting (fasting for one day or more) they are helping people achieve significant weight loss and healing Type 2 diabetes and PCOS.

If you choose, I can help you integrate various fasting strategies to create a healthy and healing lifestyle with many benefits, including: weight loss, increased insulin sensitivity (lower your hemoglobin A1C), improved metabolic flexibility, detoxification, increased human growth hormone, increased autophagy (your bodies process of cleaning house) and many more.

And the best part: fasting is free!

I love fasting so much because it supports the bodies innate ability to heal itself!


For some people, proper food choices and fasting can create sufficient detoxification. For other people, other protocols must be employed. As an example, if I discover that a client has mercury toxicity through a properly done hair test or another form of testing, employing oral chelation over a year or longer maybe the best approach to slowly and safely remove heavy metals from their body. The body‘s ability to remove heavy metals like mercury is quite limited, and often must be supported with an appropriate protocol.

There are also convenient detoxification programs employing the proper combinations of herbs and nutrients that can produce impressive healings for many people.

I can guide you to utilize detoxification strategies to best fit your situation and lifestyle.


Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world. Many of our soils, even if they are growing organic food can often be nutrient deficient. Our our food, air, water and dwellings are often harboring toxins that can often put a tremendous strain on our bodies and sometimes make us sick. This creates greater demands on our bodies and to maintain health often requires that we utilize some type of supplementation to fill in the gaps.

In my practice, I focus on what I call foundational supplementation. These are the critical nutrients that I believe are best not left to chance. Magnesium is a perfect example. Some researchers estimate that perhaps 80% of the US population is magnesium deficient. Magnesium is critical for all of the cells in the body. It is involved in 600-800 important enzymatic reactions, it helps muscles relax, it is necessary for energy production and it is in the highest concentration in the heart and the brain! I believe the magnesium is so important that everybody should be supplementing it!

I can guide you in creating a simple foundational supplementation program that can often be very inexpensive. For many people, covering these major bases can be enough. For others, covering these major bases is a critical starting point, but additional supplementation may be necessary.

Pathogen/infection clearing

Like it or not there are plenty of infectious organisms that are happy to set up shop inside the body. This is not just a Third World problem, even though many doctors would like you to believe that. Sometimes pathogens can create obvious problems like chronically loose stools or diarrhea. And other times they are hidden and are not obvious.

For some people doing some type of pathogen clearing protocol once a year can be enough to keep them in good shape. For other people, doing some type of more intensive protocols may be necessary.

I believe doing at least one multi week pathogen clearing program per year is a really good idea. I can help you develop a protocol that best meets your needs. And if you have something that is perhaps more long-term and chronic we can develop a more intensive program as necessary.


Although I may be guiding you as your coach, we work together as a team. Human beings are such unique individuals that we can’t squeeze everybody into the same box. Otherwise this process would be easy and you wouldn’t need a coach. Sometimes what a client needs is very simple and easy. Other times, it’s necessary to experiment and try things and see how it works out and continually modify as necessary.

For example, when some people start supplementing Iodine, they have no negative symptoms and just start feeling better. For other people Iodine can create some very strong detoxification symptoms. In those cases we might need to slow down or bring in other support or perhaps put the Iodine aside and come back to it later after other pieces have been put in place.

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