I first met Michael in 2009 when he was a student in my Craniosacral Therapy for Infants class. He was a star student. He’s still a star. Michael and I have kept in touch over the years. I have closely followed his changing career. I have also experienced his amazing distance healing treatments. I expect a practitioner to have top notch intuitive and energetic skills for distance treatment. Michael does. The thing that sets Michael’s distance work apart from the rest is his knowledge of anatomy and physiology. I love that he has such precise clarity about the structures he affects with his distance treatments.

Those of us in the healing professions – if we’re doing good work – are consciously aware of when we are using our intellect and when we are using our intuition. Michael’s years as a structural integrator have served him well. He is excellent at evaluating structural imbalances via video conference. When he moves into his intuitive process to complete his assessment and treatment he really knows where he is going. It’s really quite amazing. Michael helped me immensely when I was recovering from an automobile accident during a year of trauma and loss in my personal life. Thank you, Michael. You’re the best!

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