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Michael Mathieu, Body Work, Healing, – Weight loss Boulder Colorado, Health coaching Boulder Colorado, Carnivore diet, Low carb, high fat diet, Animal based diet, Body work, Long distance healing, Low back pain, Lower back pai,n Back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Knee pain, Ankle pain, Wrist pain, Planta Fasciatus, Concussion, Headaches, Migraines, Car accident rehab, Car accident recovery, Surgery recovery, Surgery rehab.

My Top Five Supplements—The Foundation for Awesome Health!

Foundational supplementation

There are lots of videos on YouTube and lots of articles on the Internet where people share their top supplements lists. Here is my top 5!

1. Magnesium

This mineral is magic! If you want to blow your mind get a copy of Carolyn Dean’s book called The Magnesium Miracle-second edition. It is packed full of research backed Information on why magnesium should be supplemented by everybody on the planet. It is critical for the production of energy in the body. It is critical for the production of healthy bones. Even though there is more calcium in the bones than magnesium, magnesium is the gate keeper for allowing calcium in the bones. It can dissolve calcium in the arteries and keep it in solution so it does not deposit in the soft tissues where it does not belong. It is critical for proper heartbeat rhythm. While calcium helps the muscles contract, magnesium is necessary for muscle relaxation. It is involved in 600-800 enzymatic reactions in the body many of which are critical for detoxification. Hey can reduce and sometimes reverse atrial fibrillation. Hey can reduce or sometime is reverse restless leg syndrome. It can be incredibly helpful in reducing anxiety and depression. Our soils are seriously deficient in this mineral and thus so is our food. I will be writing a separate blog just for magnesium, so I will leave it at that for now but I could go on and on for hours!

There are many choices out there for magnesium supplements and much debate as to which is the best and most absorbable by the body. I throw my vote to Carolyn Dean’s ReMag. It is easily by far the most absorbable magnesium I’ve ever taken. Previous to taking it I typically was only able to handle 100 mg of any other form of magnesium without the laxative effect because of the dysbiosis in my gut. If I took more than 100 mg I would get loose stools and possibly diarrhea. I am currently taking 1200 mg of ReMag without any laxative effect! It is so powerful that many people I have recommended it to have had to start at a low-dose and increase it very very slowly because of its powerful detoxification effects.

Suggested dose: work your way up to 2-3 teaspoons per day. Best to use it in your drinking water so it’s spread out throughout the day. Start with 1/4 teaspoon per 1 quart of water mixed with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt or Himalayan salt and drink throughout the day. The salt is suggested by Dr Carol and Dean to help keep the cells hydrated and eight in the detoxification process. If you don’t have any negative reactions increase your dose by 1/4 teaspoon every three or four days. If you have any strong negative reactions you will have to cut your dose to 1/8 of a teaspoon or one 16th of a teaspoon or less. Highly sensitive people may even have to start with just a few drops a day. That is how powerful of the stuff is regarding detoxification. It is totally worth your time to take it slow even if you have to take months to increase your dose.

If you are experiencing strong negative or unpleasant symptoms it is possible that adding in a high quality B complex and optimum levels of vitamin C May help with these symptoms. I will talk more about this in forthcoming blogs.

2. Vitamin C

I think I minimized the power of vitamin C for most of my life until recently. I knew it was important but I had no idea until this past year How amazingly powerful this supplement is for all of us. My change my thinking is mostly due to the wonderful presentations of Dr. Thomas Levy. This is another supplement I could talk on and on about. I will be writing a separate blog just about vitamin C and I will be including some very important videos. It is not only a powerful antioxidant it is also one of the best antitoxins available to us! It is absolutely incredible and absolutely ridiculous that vitamin C has not been integrated into general medicine. They can’t claim that there is not enough research because that is total BS, it is one of the most researched substances in medical science. Dr. Frederick Klenner cured 60 children of polio in 1948! 57 of them were cured in three days and the other three took two more days. He used very high doses of IV vitamin C and intramuscular injections of vitamin C. Dr. Klenner gathered an immense collection of case studies from his many years of practice and working with very large dosages of vitamin C and helping with a myriad of conditions, from polio to encephalitis to hepatitis to influenza to chemical exposure to snakebite venom and on and on!

Some people say that ascorbic acid really isn’t vitamin C and vitamin C is a complex and should be only taken as a whole foods complex. Linus Pauling, the only person to receive two solo Nobel prizes for his research was very clear that ascorbic acid is vitamin C.

Suggested dose: Dr. Thomas Levy suggests in his book Curing the Incurable, that a daily divided dose of 8 to 10 g per day, yes I said grams, 8000 to 10,000 mg per day is a reasonable dose as long as it does not give you diarrhea. A divided dose means three or four doses per day when you are feeling good. If you’re feeling like you’re on the edge of getting sick or you are sick 1 to 2 g, yes, 1000 to 2000 mg every 30 minutes or even more often as long as you don’t get diarrhea can be a very effective dose. If you don’t get diarrhea and you aren’t feeling better take more and take it more often! There is no known toxicity to vitamin C. If you are getting diarrhea or very loose stools then back off your dosage schedule to perhaps 1000 mg every hour or lasts until you find that sweet spot. As you start to feel better or your bowel tolerance will guide you to your appropriate dose.

Dr. Robert Cathcart, was a pioneer in the use of vitamin C especially oral vitamin C. He has noted cases where he was able to give people 200 g, yes, 200,000 mg of vitamin C per day without laxative effect to individuals suffering with mononucleosis. Dr. Cathcart’s preferred way of talking about an illness was how many grams of vitamin C per day could be taken Until bowel tolerance was reached. For instance, that was a 30 g cold or that was a 60 g cold or that was 100 g case of pneumonia. He coached people and how to effectively use oral vitamin C by taking as much as possible to bowel tolerance. That means, how much vitamin C can you take and not have diarrhea but still have loose stools. I have tried to coach so many people on how to do this over the last 10 years and most of them think taking 1 g or 2 g a day is a big deal. But the handful that I have gotten to actually take 20 g or more a day, until they reach bowel tolerance, when they are sick have been pleased with the results!

I am currently taking vitamin C in the form called sodium ascorbate. A rounded 1/4 teaspoon of this powder is approximately 1000 mg of vitamin C. Sodium ascorbte is a buffer form of vitamin C with a pH of approximately 7.0, So it should be easy to tolerate in the stomach. Nutribiotic is the brand I am using because it does not contain any GMO‘s.

There is another form of vitamin C called liposomal vitamin C. In this form nano particles or little spheres of fat which contain vitamin C which are incredibly easy to absorb. They can go right into the cells without any transport molecules necessary. One researcher has suggested that 5 g of this form of vitamin C might be equivalent to 50 g of vitamin C delivered by IV. The other nice thing about this form is that it does not create laxative effect!

3. Vitamin D

4. Vitamin K2

5. Vitamin A

These three vitamins are fat soluble. That means they can accumulate in the body and stay with you for a while. Water soluble vitamins will come out in your urine pretty quickly.

The hallmark of these three is that they are critical for the proper formation of bone. Dr Weston Price was a dentist back in the 30s and 40s from Cleveland Ohio. He was getting frustrated with how many of his children in his practice had cavities unlike their parents. He got it in his head that the problem was the processed foods that were just becoming part of the main stream food supply. So every year you took a big trip and went to a different part of the world to live for a short time with Indigenous people of that area who had not yet Inc. process food center their diets. He looked at their oral health and overall health and he took pictures. After many years of visiting many cultures all across the planet he found that even though their diets looked like they were very different there was one thing in common: all of their diets had high levels of these three fat soluble vitamins! With that knowledge he started treating people in his practice with cod liver and butter oil from grass fed cows and he began a healing cavities and other health issues! Cod liver oil because it is high in vitamin A and vitamin D and butter oil, which is made from The butter of Cows eating rapidly growing grass in the spring and early summer, which supplies vitamin K2. At the time he didn’t know what vitamin K2 was so he called it activator X, because he knew there was something intrinsically precious in that oil while the cows were eating spring grass. In Switzerland, villages save that butter from the spring and it was only fed to children and pregnant women because they understood how precious it was!

Vitamin D

Dosage: proper supplementation of vitamin D requires regular blood testing. It is easy to underdose and it is easy to overdose. At this point my research is showing that blood levels between 50 and 80 can be reasonable levels. There is ongoing debate in this regard. From what I have gathered thus far I would say best to keep it above 50 even know the reference range on the blood test will probably say 30 is the low-end. Be sure to supplement with vitamin D3.

Vitamin K2

Dosage: we are still waiting for a lot of foundational research to be done for this incredibly essential nutrient. It comes in two forms: MK4 and MK7. There is some debate which is the better form and some will say to take both because there appears to be some differences which are not overlapping. MK four version is what is found in animal products. The MK7 version is found traditionally in a fermented soy bean preparation called Natto.

Warning: if you are taking warfarin/Coumadin blood thinning medication consult with your doctor before beginning supplementation of vitamin K2 because it may have an increased coagulation effect and may require you to raise the level of your medication. However, and a talk by Dr. John Whitcomb, I learned that warfarin/Coumadin can increase the deposition of calcium in your arteries, so including vitamin K2 in your diet can be a very beneficial thing to reduce and possibly reverse this effect, so it could be very valuable in this regard. You may just need to work with your doctor to find the best level of your medication and this supplement.

Vitamin A

Dosage: probably the best source of vitamin A is from Grass fed beef or pastured chicken. 4 to8 ounces per week can be a wonderful thing! Many people will cringe at this, but watch what carnivores eat first when they kill their prey: the organs. I am in the process of investigating supplements which can replace liver but I haven’t found anything I’m excited about yet. In the past I have recommended cod liver oil but I have some concerns about mercury toxicity. I will block more about this in the future.

There are lots of great recipes out there for how to use beef liver and make it taste yummy!