I have known Michael as a friend and as a healer for a number of years. He is both a gifted healer and a generous person. After I gave birth to my daughter, Mirabelle, Michael offered to help her heal from some birth trauma that was affecting her neck and some of her movement and physical development. Michael is deeply knowledgeable about anatomy and how this trauma affected her. While some may be skeptical about the possibility of a person being able to diagnose and treat traumatic injuries remotely, my experience with my daughter and her transformation make me believe that it is possible. Michael is able to tune into and work through places where Mirabelle holds trauma and place his energy into healing those areas. She has overcome digestive and physical development short-comings with Michael’s help. Michael is extremely honest. When he identified that there were issues that required hands-on treatment that he was not able to give, he let us know and directed us to a very skilled cranio-sacral specialist.

Michael has also provided healing work to me for physical and psychological injury due to pregnancy and childbirth. I have noticed significant reduction in chronic lower back pain (in fact, it is gone!) after Michael worked on me for 2 sessions.

I have the utmost respect for Michael’s abilities as a healer.

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