I reached out to Michael as I was in PT for low back, and neck issues but still having really hard days where I could not sleep because of the pain, or I would wake up so stiff I had to kneel down to pick up my kitty’s food bowl. The pain was constant and made me agro all the time. PT helped but progress was sooooo slow. I was skeptical as most folks would be. How does this work? What is it? How does this technique help? Will it last? I’m also very familiar with energy work and have had some highly skilled energy workers in the past help with emotional issues, pain, etc. Well, Michael has not only got the touch, but he is also knowledgeable of the body and how it functions – very knowledgeable. I was impressed. After my 1st session with Michael, I had less pain and more range of motion than I had after the last 9 PT sessions. Kick butt!!! His work has helped me progress quicker than I had expected and the results have lasted. He has also helped my energy improve due to helping with stuck cranial bones. Michael is now my go-to for pain relief.

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